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Torcoin price

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Whereas Bitcoin transactions are completely traceable, TorCoin enables you to send coins anonymously.

Torcoin price

torcoin price There is never any need to 'mix' or 'anonymize' your TorCoins torcoin price they are anonymous by default. TOR is fully integrated with TorCoin, which means that a snoop torcoin price attacker watching your internet connection will not know if you are using TorCoin - torcoin price other TorCoin users cannot determine the physical location of torcoin price Torcoin node.

TorCoin also offers encrypted end-to-end messaging between TorCoin users.

Torcoin price

Torcoin is a hybrid buy hma with bitcoin utilizing the X11 hashing algorithm torcoin price rounds of different hashing functions with the Proof-Of-Work consensus, transitioning torcoin price Proof-Of-Stake after 2 years.

Torcoin provides full Torcoin price integration with the Tor Onion network.

Torcoin price

Stealth addresses are available for the anonymous sending of currency torcoin price the network. Encrypted messsaging is torcoin price available in Torcoin, enabling users to send encrypted messages to other Torcoin users.

During the Proof-of-Stake phase, small emissions of coins torcoin price be issued each year for the purposes of staking.

Torcoin price

Block Times in the Torcoin price network torcoin price at 60 second intervals. The Block Reward schedule is set to halve every 6 months from the start with torcoin price reward of 1 TOR per block.

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Torcoin price

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