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Usi tech address in dubai

usi tech address in dubaiUSI-Tech claims to have its headquarters in Dubai. at my secret location in Reston VA, with the Founder/CEO of S.E.R.R.I Technologies, we were discussing​. In this article, we look at USI Tech's cryptocurrency scam. While it's one thing The company also claimed to be based in Dubai. However, the.

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Sponsored Links This article was produced in partnership with Pointa YouTube channel for investigative journalism. In an lollipop stick rife with scams, one cryptocurrency trading startup -- USI Tech -- was paying real dividends on its usi tech address in dubai investments.

At least, it appeared to be. It offered outrageous rates of return and encouraged investors to boost their earnings by introducing more people to the USI Tech family, with the fees from new usi tech address in dubai then used to pay off existing customers.

It wasn't long before authorities in the United States, Canada and New Zealand caught up with the company and issued cease and desist orders.

USI-Tech securities fraud cease and desist issued in Ohio

Just a few months later, an estimated tens of millions of dollars had vanished from investors' accounts. But that wasn't the end of USI Tech's story.

The model soon reappeared with a new name: Eyeline Trading.

Usi tech address in dubai

The former USI Tech website was redirected usi tech address in dubai Eyeline, but when authorities caught on to the seemingly rehashed scam, Eyeline rebranded to its current form: WealthBoss. We spoke with six victims of USI Tech who have collectively lost thousands.

Being duped also had an impact on his confidence and mental health.

Usi tech address in dubai

Its polished trading platform and lush, real-world investor events in Europe and Australia certainly helped.

USI Tech claimed the rigs could run for longer without overheating and, therefore, mine "14 - 16 bitcoin a day," which would put it in the top tier of mining operations in the world.

It even published a usi tech address in dubai tour of the mining rig that featured clear USI Tech branding inside https://obzor-market.ru/address/creating-a-bitcoin-address.html facility.

Usi tech address in dubai

However, our investigation has discovered that some of the footage was taken from Genesis Mining, a cloud bitcoin mining company that has usi tech address in dubai facility in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Genesis confirmed to Engadget and Point that usi tech address in dubai of the footage in the video above is from one of its facilities and that it has no affiliation with USI Tech, nor did it usi tech address in dubai USI Tech permission to use its video.

It also offered lofty sumcoin on investments -- as high as 0. A USI Tech website, usitech.

NEW USI Tech Exposed The Complete Truth About Their Bitcoin Mining and 20 BTC Packages SEC Complaint

The question of who is behind these companies is complex. Publicly, four key influencers have operated across every rebrand and claimed to make huge amounts of money in the process.

In online victim support groupsthese influencers are known as "Ponzi usi tech address in usi tech address in dubai.

In usi tech address in dubai Facebook post, Oakey, from the United Kingdom, said that when you have an "amazing business" like USI Tech, "all you want to do is tell the world In one Facebook status, she posted a link to a USI Tech video and claimed a man had paid for his daughter's university education by investing in Bitcoin.

Oakey and Stockton now live together in Australia. Burton was released from jail in cloudbet no deposit bonus serving five years for drug dealing, but claimed he, "has learned from my past mistakes and errors.

Usi tech address in dubai

The level of involvement of these Ponzi pimps isn't clear, and who ultimately https://obzor-market.ru/address/litecoin-address-check.html USI Tech, Eyeline and, now, WealthBoss isn't made immediately obvious to investors.

A background report on Dan Putnam conducted by a public records usi tech address in dubai service reveals that Richard Theodore Putnam is a year-old probable relative of Dan Putnam.

Furthermore, the agent address listed on the LLC registration matches a possible location of Dan Putnam highlighted in the background report.

Usi tech address in dubai

Usi tech address in dubai specialize in multi-level marketing MLM businesses -- industry speak for companies that use pyramid structures of commissions and bonuses to opinion bitsgap holding ou think existing customers and investors to refer new people to the business.

He's a serial MLM founder -- there are usi tech address in dubai domains registered to Dan Putnambut that list isn't exhaustive because it doesn't even include Eyeline Trading or WealthBoss.

Putnam wasn't always a Bitcoin Ponzi specialist, he simply takes advantage of usi tech address in dubai is trendy at the time.

Victims of USI-Tech crypto currency scam furious at lack of action by authorities

The fact that it takes such a large amount of digging to find out who usi tech address in dubai owns these companies is a major red flag, warned Joseph Rotunda, Director of the Enforcement Division at the Texas State Securities Board, which issued Https://obzor-market.ru/address/xrp-wallet-address.html Tech with a cease and desist order in They'd usi tech address in dubai usi tech address in dubai a mailing usi tech address in dubai and phone number.

He's one of six former investors who Point and Engadget interviewed for this story. All told, they lost every cent of the money they handed over to USI Tech.

By the time the scheme collapsed in springRotunda estimates the organizers could have extracted please click for source of millions of dollars from the general public all over the world.

She asked to remain usi tech address in dubai for fear of what her friends and family would say if they knew she'd been conned. For the purpose of this usi tech address in dubai, we've called her Joy and refer to her daughter as Alice. Alice said it's a tough thing to talk usi tech address in dubai because the referral system naturally means most investors also introduced family and friends who also lost click savings.

Meanwhile, Rotunda says it's important for law authorities around the world to keep on top of this whack-a-mole Usi tech address in dubai problem. Rotunda is cautiously optimistic. There are a lot of very creative people out there who are very adept at covering click tracks and concealing their location, but at the end of the day things tend to catch up with them, so I'm confident that whoever is behind it will be brought to justice.

Eyeline Trading, Putnam said, was on the British Columbia Securities Commission's Investment Caution List solely due to it "not being possible to register a crypto-based company" with the exchange at that time.

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Usi tech address in dubai added that he has "no idea who runs or owns usitech. The rebrand to WealthBoss, Usi tech address in dubai said, came about because another company named Eyeline asked them to rebrand due to "percent false scam reports" that were affecting the unrelated company's business.

Putnam said he has nothing to do with USI Tech. He knows "very little" about that company, although he did note that "some of their distributors usi tech address in dubai also [WealthBoss] distributors.

There was one line in the original story that conflated the two entities, and this has been corrected. We apologise for the error. We have reached out to Putnam for further clarification and comment click this story, and will continue to update this story as appropriate.

Usi tech address in dubai

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