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Tnt token address

tnt token addressAccessing Your Tierion Network Tokens 路 Token Name: Tierion Network Token 路 Token Symbol: TNT 路 Decimals: 8 路 Contract Address. Tierion Network Token (TNT) ERC20 Ethereum Smart Contract Contract Owner Address: Etherscan TNT Token Viewer: obzor-market.ru

Tierion Token Sale Documentation

Where and how will the Tierion token sale take place? On the day of the sale, you will be able to visit tokensale. You will be tnt token address a unique email invitation.

Tnt token address

Clicking a special link in this email will give you access to the token sale tool where you can use BTC or ETH tnt token address make your purchase. Is there a tnt token tnt token address or maximum of TNT tokens I can buy during the general sale?

Tnt token address

We will not be tnt token address purchase size. Which payment methods will be accepted in the token sale? This rate will be locked for the duration of the sale. Anyone in the middle of a purchase will be able to finish the process.

How will I know if my purchase was successful if both Bitcoin and Ethereum networks are overloaded?

Where and how will the Tierion token sale take place?

For purchases made in BTC and ETH, we will deem a purchase to be tnt token address when three confirmations have been received within six hours of the time tnt token address payment information is displayed to you during the token sale process.

We reserve the right to refund your purchase if the transaction is processed after the six hour period lapses.

What will I need in order to participate in the token sale?

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This may tnt token address used to issue any necessary refunds. Tnt token address presales and the token sale commencing on July 27, Tierion will sell a total of million TNT tokens. Are there any bonuses tnt token address discounts available for this token sale?

No bonuses, discounts, or other incentives of any kind tnt token address available for the token sale.

Tnt token address

Where can I read the Tierion whitepaper in full? No, there will be no lock-up for any of the tokens purchased in either the presale the tnt token address sale. Will there be a lock-up on tokens retained by Tierion? Yes, these tokens will be locked up for six months.

Tnt token address

Technical Questions Has the smart contract collecting Bitcoin and Ether been professionally audited for security issues? Yes, at our request the smart contract has been fully audited twice by Zeppelin Solutions.

We asked tnt token address to publish their audit publicly, and they have done so on their company blog.

They concluded that "Tierion implemented all our suggestions and we tnt token address no problems in the updated code. Exchanges send funds via multiple wallets that are not coinbase wallet address example in your control.

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You don't hold the private keys in many cases. When sending funds from an exchange the process can take hours to clear or even reach the blockchain.

Tnt token address

Once you submit through an exchange, you tnt token address also unable to modify the transaction fee to speed up a https://obzor-market.ru/address/ethereum-address-length.html. Tnt token address use a wallet that you are in full control of.

Which wallets can I use?

Tnt token address

Please view the list below for compatible tnt token address. You must enter data input and gas limit values for a successful transaction.

I sent from a wallet and I have the private key, can I still get my tnt token address Yes, see the instructions for recovery of the address length key below.

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I sent from a wallet and I do not have the private key, can I still get tnt token address tokens?

If this happens, please contact tokensale tierion.

Tnt token address

However, Tierion is not responsible for any delays, losses, costs, expenses, or other issues relating to or arising from the loss of your private key or any other access credentials My token tnt token address address does tnt token address support ERC20 and Tnt token address do not have the private key?

Please email tokensale tierion.

Tnt token address

The transactions should have been rejected or not mined, your balance has not changed. The transaction is rejected and please tnt token address your balance and send with the correct data field.

I sent Ethereum from an exchange for the presale or token sale, what can I do?

Tierion Markets

The transaction will be returned because of no data field. Where can I purchase ETH? Do not send ETH from these sources.

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