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Epiphone white lightning explorer

epiphone white lightning explorerWhat a treat when the lights hit it! This Explorer is a head turner. Hangs comfortably and balanced. The Grover tuners are smooth and tight, knobs are smooth and. Ed. Tommy Thayer "White Lightning" Explorer Outfit, the third signature model designed by legend Tommy “Spaceman” Thayer of KISS. Featuring the classic.

Epiphone Tommy Thayer (White Lightning) Explorer - Metallic White

I'm not the worlds biggest Kiss fan, it was the guitar epiphone white lightning explorer white lightning https://obzor-market.ru/2020/free-crypto-trading-bot-2020.html did it. Epiphone white lightning explorer pair of Sd JB's and decent hardware, a flawless finish and a really put together feel sold me on it as soon epiphone white lightning explorer I played epiphone white lightning explorer.

Epiphone Tommy Thayer White Lightning Explorer - A crazy, crazy, crazy guitar!

It's Classic Rock on a stick. I love the strap that comes with it and I haven't bought this as a fanboi, collectors piece so It's having straplocks and I'm using it with the guitar.

It looks and feels right with it, to me anyway.

EPIPHONE Ltd Ed Tommy Thayer White Lightning Explorer Outfit

The frets are amazing and I'm not sure what the fretboard is made of yet but it's got a really nice black look to it contrasts really nicely. Eagle eyed will spot that the chrome switch tip has been swapped for a white one.

Epiphone white lightning explorer

That's because the shop I bought it from had lost the one it should have and they've ordered epiphone white lightning explorer a new one. This more info the last TT Explorer in stock so they gave me that white one straight off the nearest Epiphone they had on the wall, just so it could go out looking ok.

epiphone white lightning explorer

Epiphone white lightning explorer

I really appreciated the service I got from Dawsons, Liverpool. I'll have some better photos in a day or two. Here's a couple taken just now and a couple of library shots

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