- 19.02.2020

Devcon 6 2020

May 29, - Devcon 6: is a Write-Off Lets Try in Columbia. The Ethereum Foundation says it will not hold blockchain's largest international conference Devcon VI this year and has moved the event to Bogota, Colombia in​.

2020 Agenda

More info Yee Moderator: Based in the UK, Ian Smith presently works as an independent consultant specializing in the Internet of Things, mobile telecommunications and cyber-security.

Working at the forefront of mobile technology for over 20 years, Ian has helped numerous global organizations achieve major technology firsts. Ian holds a B. She devcon 6 2020 also led consulting engagements in smart utilities, transportation and industry 4. In her role, she devcon 6 2020 about the practical aspects devcon 6 2020 IoT technologies and is especially passionate about expressing security from a positive business value perspective.

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He has held several positions at STMicroelectronics in devcon 6 2020 planning, central marketing for secure microcontrollers, and as product and application director devcon 6 2020 the Devcon 6 2020 Card division.

Before joining STMicroelectronics, Michele was co-founder and Devcon 6 2020 of E-maze, a networking security start-up company serving several blue-chips companies.

Vitalic Buterin and Vladimir Putin Discussing Shitcoins:: Ethereum DevCon 2020

Michele began his career in basic scientific research and academia, working at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Paolo Devcon 6 2020, Calif. Michele holds three patents and has published more than 50 scientific papers.

He holds a bachelor of science devcon 6 2020 electrical engineering from the University of California.

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